Trapdoor x ZPrize: Our Experience

Oct 16, 2023


We participated in ZPrize I as a bronze sponsor in Open Division Prize 1: Accelerating MSM Operations on a GPU or a FPGA.

Why we invest in ZK-Tech: adding jet-fuel to innovative approaches to proofs

When Trapdoor Tech was founded back in 2019, we recognized that zero-knowledge proofs were a crucial component in addressing the privacy and scalability challenges faced by blockchain technology. Zero-knowledge proofs enable the verification of complex computations without the need to recompute them, thereby saving valuable resources.

However, one significant obstacle to the practicality of zero-knowledge proofs has historically been their proving performance. 

To address this and make zero-knowledge proof techniques viable and efficient, we have been dedicated to the acceleration of the proving process through two tactics: GPU optimization and active investment in projects tackling acceleration in the overarching area of zero-knowledge cryptography. By supporting teams focused on enhancing the process of proof generation, we aim to unlock new possibilities and applications, ultimately enhancing privacy, scalability, and security across a wide variety of domains.

ZPrize 2022: Celebrating the Successes 

The solutions presented in the ZPrize 2022 competition were both highly creative and very impressive as the participants showcased their expertise with innovations across several key areas of zero-knowledge cryptography.

One notable solution was the MSM FPGA approach developed by the Hardcaml or Jump Crypto team, which turned out to be comprehensive and readily verifiable on the AWS FPGA platform. Its implementation also provided a significant advantage to those interested in the area of MSM FPGA performance. Moreover, it has truly contributed to the advancement of FPGA-based zero-knowledge cryptography while opening up new possibilities for more efficient and secure computations across the board.

In addition to Hardcaml’s approach, the competition also yielded several creative MSM GPU solutions, which explored coordinate systems for elliptic curve addition, introduced pre-computation techniques, employed parallel reduction algorithms, utilized point negation strategies, and leveraged non-adjacent form for integers. As a whole, all of the solutions in this category demonstrated the diverse ways in which participants have optimized and enhanced the performance of MSM computations on GPUs, while also contributing valuable insights and techniques that can be further explored and applied in real-world scenarios.

Supporting the future of privacy tech on a global scale

ZPrize is a global competition that attracts top talent and innovative ideas in the field of zero-knowledge cryptography. Partnering with ZPrize has given us access to a diverse range of cutting-edge research and development projects; we’re excited to continue to identify innovative approaches that can be applied to real-world scenarios and enable widespread adoption of ZK technology. By showcasing the potential of ZK protocols in solving complex problems, we aim to drive their integration into more diverse applications than exist today.

Through our participation we’re also privileged to be able to connect and collaborate with like-minded researchers, developers, and industry experts in the wider zero-knowledge sphere. To date, ZPrize continues to help us foster meaningful partnerships, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the growth and adoption of zero-knowledge cryptography on a global scale.

We look forward to witnessing groundbreaking ideas and solutions that spring forth from ZPrize 2023 and further revolutionize the field.

About Trapdoor Tech 

Trapdoor Tech is dedicated to bridging the gap between the world and zero-knowledge proof technologies. We are actively engaged in exploring potential ZKP applications and driving the widespread adoption of ZKP technology. Our overarching vision is to make zero-knowledge cryptography accessible, practical, and impactful across diverse domains.


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