Announcing the ZPrize 2023 Official Kickoff

Sep 15, 2023

We’re beyond excited to announce the launch of the second iteration of ZPrize on September 15th, 2023! With the support of Aleo, AMD, Aztec, TrapDoor, Demox Labs, Ingonyama, ZKValidator, Cysic, and W3bCloud, ZPrize 2023 includes a prize pool of up $1.5 million in both US dollars and tokens. 

This year’s prizes run the gamut from hardware acceleration on FPGAs and GPUs to the same via WASM and high throughput signature verification. Our 2023 prize architects, which will be announced in upcoming spotlight blogs, come from Demox Labs, Cysic, and zkSecurity, with deep, practical experience in all of this year’s categories and passion for pushing boundaries in their respective fields. 

Prize submissions will be judged against current, leading technical benchmarks in their respective niches, with the largest rewards being paid out to those who are judged to have innovated the most in their respective areas, as well as to have created new systems to further the adoption of zero-knowledge tech. Zprize 2023 categories include, “Beat the Best” (FPGA/GPU), “Beat the Best” (WASM), and High Throughput Signature Verification

Here are the test harnesses for each prize category:

Prize 1 - "Beat the Best" (FPGA/GPU)
Prize 2 - "Beat the Best" (WASM)
Prize 3 - High Throughput Signature Verification

Last year’s inaugural iteration of ZPrize kicked off a new horizon for ZK cryptography, connecting web3 builders focused in on the zk-space with leading technology brands and resulting in multiple significant achievements such as:

  • Substantial improvement in multiscalar multiplication on GPU and Android mobile devices making advanced use cases like zkSNARKs more feasible.
  • Groundbreaking implementation of the Poseidon zero-knowledge friendly hash function, slashing constraint count by half, thus significantly reducing the cost of generating Merkle trees inside a SNARK.
  • Optimization of the low-level mathematical primitives essential for zero-knowledge cryptography using both GPUs and fully-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)

All in all, the future for the greater area of zero-knowledge technology is bright and we expect ZPrize to continue to lead the charge, pushing boundaries and scaling innovation across the board. 

Alex Pruden, the CEO of Aleo and Co-Founder of ZPrize said of this year’s competition:

“The need for zero-knowledge technology is clearer today, more so than ever before. Advancing ZK and ensuring the future of this groundbreaking technology is accessible to everyone is not just a technical ambition, but a societal imperative. We are truly humbled by the collective efforts of the global community, from the innovative companies of Web 3.0 to the traditional technology sectors, all coming together for this cause. Every advancement, every open-sourced submission, speaks volumes about our shared commitment to an open and cohesive ecosystem for the next generation of the web."

Here is the competition timeline: 

  • 15th September 2023: Competition kickoff
    - Registered participants will receive prize specifications and test harness
  • 15th September 2023 - February 2024: Competition period
    - Monthly office hours will be conducted during the competition period for Competitors to seek guidance from Architects of each prize category
  • February 2024: Judging period
  • March 2024: Announce winners
  • March 2024: Winner showcase at The Future is Private Summit at EthDenver

Interested in getting involved in the 2023 ZPrize competition? Whether you’d like to sponsor a prize, start a team, or become part of the organizing DAO we’d love to have you. The competition commences on September 15th, so don’t hesitate to apply to be a competitor, reach out to interest@zprize.io to explore sponsorship opportunities, or just hop into the community discord and say hi. 

If you’d like to follow along with the competition as it progresses, make sure to follow ZPrize on Twitter and stay connected via subscribing to our blog. Last but not least, we’d like to thank our steering committee, our sponsors, our architects, our competitors, and our greater community. Without everyone’s hard work, ZPrize 2023 wouldn’t be possible! 

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