Announcing CoreWeave as a ZPrize Technology Partner

CoreWeave Team
May 25, 2022

We are extremely excited to announce our support of the ZPrize. Zero-knowledge (ZK) cryptography is the next generation of blockchain technology, and will be one of the driving pillars of enterprise blockchain adoption. The ZPrize initiative will greatly accelerate research and development efforts within the ZK proof space.

A key consideration of ZK proof deployment at scale will be identifying the most efficient hardware for deployment. The hardware requirements of this type of processing are substantially different from Proof-of-Work mechanisms. Enterprise-grade hardware will be a critical component of ZK proof processing, and CoreWeave is uniquely positioned in the market to provide high performance compute (HPC) infrastructure at scale.

CoreWeave’s specialized cloud infrastructure is purpose built for GPU-accelerated workloads, and serves as an ideal environment for blockchain deployments. A core component of our business is providing easier access to high-performance compute resources, so engineers can deploy complex workloads in compute-intensive use cases like blockchain without having to manage the infrastructure.

CoreWeave will work with the ZPrize program to offer benchmarking access to our full suite of Kubernetes managed infrastructure and high-end NVIDIA GPUs. This will allow teams to identify the most efficient hardware/software pairing solution, and create an even playing field for the competition.

We’re proud to support this exciting venture, as we both share a goal of furthering innovation in blockchain technology. CoreWeave’s infrastructure empowers engineers to deploy compute-intensive workloads at scale, and we’re looking forward to seeing the cutting-edge advancements in zero-knowledge cryptography that will inevitably come from ZPrize.

About CoreWeave

CoreWeave is a specialized cloud provider, delivering a massive scale of accelerated compute resources on top of the industry’s fastest & most flexible infrastructure. CoreWeave builds cloud solutions for compute intensive use cases - VFX / Rendering, Machine Learning & AI, Batch Processing, Pixel Streaming and Blockchain - that are up to 35x faster and 80% less expensive than the large, generalized public clouds

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